Wednesday, April 2, 2014

openModeller 1.4 released

Version 1.4 of the openModeller framework and command line tools is now available for download. This release contains a new "meta" algorithm that can use several algorithms behind the scenes to generate a consensus model. A new command-line tool (om_evaluate) can be used to return raw model values given a set of points and an environmental scenario. A new version of the web service (OMWS 2.0) is also available, including new operations - one of them allowing whole experiments to be specified in a single request. A new raster driver now allows remote files to the fetched and used. There were also many changes in the framework itself. Click here to get more information about this release and download it.


  1. Hi there Renato. Glad to see OpenModeller is getting an update.
    I have a question: wasn't consensus already present in 1.3? I had no success trying to run it, but I remember seeing it in the menu.
    I'll give it a try in 1.4. :)
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Guilherme. Sorry I didn't notice your comment before (the blog wasn't properly configured to send notifications). Sometimes there are algorithms in the code base whose compilation is still not enabled by default. I believe that was the case for the consensus algorithm. You could probably find it in earlier versions, but if I'm not mistaken you had to manually enable its compilation to try it.

    2. hello there,
      greetings of the seasons.
      I am planning to use openmodeller software for my research but having trouble of using it. I would be more than glad if you can provide me some tutorial. i watched a tutorial in youtube( but found it less useful. so please help me with easier tutorial.

    3. Prakash,
      I'm afraid there's no easier tutorial than that. Are you familiar with ecological niche modelling (ENM)? If not, I would suggest you to find a book or tutorial in ENM before starting to use any tool. If you have more specific questions about openModeller, please use the mailing list to ask, as there are more people there to help.

  2. Dear Renato,
    i could not find the mailing list of the authers who could help me out of my problems using openModeller. I could be glad if you provide me mailing list of the authers who can help me.
    Prakash Pokhrel

  3. Prakash,
    Have you seen the openModeller web site?
    On the very first page you can get information about the users mailing list, which is the best place to ask questions.