Monday, August 19, 2013

First BioVeL workflow based on openModeller is available

The first ecological niche modelling workflow based on the openModeller web service was released as part of the BioVeL project. The workflow can be run either directly from the BioVeL Portal or from the Taverna workbench. In the later case, besides downloading and installing the software on your machine, you need to install the Taverna interaction plugin and you need to run the workflow with an active Internet connection in order to interact with the web service (models are generated, tested and projected remotely).

The workflow contains several interactions where you can choose an algorithm, set the parameter values, choose a layer set for model creation, choose or create a mask, decide if you want to run 10-fold cross validation and also project the model as many times as you want.

All results are available in the end of the workflow as separate "output ports". Projections can be visualized during the workflow on the last step through a specific interface called BioSTIF, also developed as part of the project.

For those using Taverna workbench, the workflow can be downloaded from myExperiment here.

If you are in London this week for INTECOL 2013, there will be demonstrations of the workflow there. Just look for the BioVeL booth for more information.